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Women's Health with leading experts

Navigating the Menopause: Expert Insights on women's health.

Tuesday 14th May 2024

18:15 - 20:00


Come to Combe Grove for 6:15pm for 6:30pm start.

The event is taking place at: The Oak Room, Combe Grove, Brassknocker Hill, Bath, Somerset BA2 7HS.

Pukka tea and water will be available on arrival together with some nutritious nibbles.

Join us for an informative educational event focused on women’s health. The UK faces one of the most significant gender health gaps among G20 countries, with 60% of women feeling that their health concerns are not taken seriously. It’s time to change that narrative.

Why Women’s Health Matters: Women’s health is a dynamic field, constantly evolving. For too long, women have been told that symptoms are just part of life—whether it’s related to growing up, having children, ageing, or hormonal fluctuations. But we shouldn’t dismiss our health needs. Let’s empower ourselves with expert knowledge and be proactive about our care.

Menopause Transition: Facts and Support:

  • The average age for women to start the menopause transition is 46 years.
  • Typically, periods cease in early 50’s.
  • Menopause symptoms can vary from mild to debilitating.
  • Lifestyle adjustments, hormone replacement therapy, and personalised treatments can ease the transition.

What to Expect:

  • Expert Insights: Our panel of experts will share their expertise and practical advice.
  • Ask the Experts: Bring your concerns and questions about menopause.
  • HRT: Dispel the myths and understand the truths.


Consultant Gynaecologist Mrs Aysha Qureshi from Sulis Hospital will discuss understanding menopause, hormone change issues around pelvic pain, and associated treatments.

GP Menopause Specialist Dr Philippa Girling from Sulis Hospital will discuss peri-menopausal and post-menopausal symptoms and when to see your doctor

Registered Dietitian Cristy Dean from Combe Grove will discuss how to maintain good metabolic health and its impact on the overall well-being of the female body.

Followed by a Q & A session on Women's Health. Our friendly team of experts will be there to listen to your concerns and offer advice.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, and prioritise your health.

Join us on Tuesday 14th May at Combe Grove.

6:30 pm - 8 pm with arrival at 6:15 pm.


Voluntary donations to either The Elmhurst Foundation or RUHX can be given at the event. The event will include informative presentations, interactive discussions, and the opportunity to have your questions answered by our experts.

*Limited places. Pre-booking is essential. Call 01761 422288 for more information.
Discreet, personal service at Sulis Hospital with our highly experienced team of the UK's foremost consultants.

*Advance booking is required and places are subject to availability.