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Patient information regarding coronavirus (COVID-19)

Latest advice for patients

Our hospital is open and treating patients. You can book to see a specialist as we have a wide range of doctors who are seeing patients for initial consultations by phone, or face-to-face where advised by a clinician.

We're here to help, so please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Supporting the NHS

We are proud to be supporting the NHS and continue to support many NHS care pathways.

Should I be travelling to attend the hospital under the government guidelines?

We continue to offer both face-to-face and virtual appointments if you would prefer to not travel or are unable to travel. Please do not attend our hospital if you’re experiencing COVID symptoms, have tested positive and are isolating. If a family member or household contact is self-isolating we would strongly advise performing an LFT test prior to any outpatient appointment.

Outpatient and diagnostic Imaging appointments

If you have an outpatient appointment in the hospital, you may attend as normal. If you have a new, continuous cough, a fever, or loss or change in your normal sense of taste or smell, you should consider rescheduling your appointment. We would strong advise that you perform a lateral flow test prior to attending.

We ask that you remain COVID aware and take necessary precautions. You will no longer be required to wear a surgical face covering before entering our reception areas. Masks will still be provided at our entrance for patients who prefer to wear a mask. At reception, you will be asked to check and sign your registration form. This is an important document; it is your responsibility to make sure all information is filled in and correct.

Patients are allowed to attend consultations with a visitor. We ask that you do not bring multiple visitors with you unless absolutely necessary.

Patients visiting our Radiology Department will be asked to attend the department on their own. Visitors can wait in our atrium whilst the patient attends their diagnostic test.

All children or young person consultations can be accompanied by one parent or carer.

Inpatient or Daycase appointments (surgery and endoscopy)

In line with the new Government guidance “living with covid-19”, we are updating our covid 19 testing for patients coming to Sulis Hospital for elective surgery.

  • Patients are now not required to be PCR tested, LFD tested or self-isolate prior to surgery.
  • If symptomatic, patients are asked not to attend the hospital, to contact us, and surgery will be rescheduled.
  • If a family or household member has tested positive for covid, patients must provide a negative LFD test on the day of surgery.

There is a seven week wait for surgery following diagnosis with covid. Patients with ongoing symptoms beyond seven weeks from diagnosis should delay surgery until asymptomatic.

Before entering the hospital, you will be asked some screening questions regarding your current health and any potential contact you may have had with anyone with coronavirus symptoms.

We hope you understand the importance of these measures to help keep you, other patients and our staff safe. Thank you for your support and understanding.

If I have received the COVID vaccine how will this impact me?

If you have recently received the COVID vaccine your surgery can still go ahead as planned. Please continue to maintain good hand hygiene at all times.

Latest guidance and support

For the very latest guidance and advice, please visit