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Sulis announces its new mission statement as it looks towards the future of healthcare

Sulis Hospital enters a new era, setting higher standards for patient care through clinical engagement, investment in the latest technology and improved working practices. As a leading private hospital owned by an NHS Trust, the team is committed to generating real value for the local health economy.

So what’s Sulis Hospital's new mission?

The mission states: ‘We’re dedicated to enhancing the quality of people’s lives through the provision of exceptional care'. Making a difference is integral; the new mission statement goes on to say: ‘Everything we do helps to make healthcare better for everyone.’

Simon Milner, Hospital Director at Sulis Hospital, comments to colleagues at the launch event “Thank you to everybody who has contributed to our new mission and purpose statement. You told us what you believe in and what your values are, and I know that you live these values every day. You are the touchpoint for each patient who visits this hospital – everything you do is to help make healthcare better for everyone. And that’s right down to all of you from theatres to inpatient and day surgery, to bookings – you all influence the patient experience.

Simon adds "Whenever there’s a problem it’s usually because someone feels that we’re not delivering on our promise. So, keep identifying problems together with solutions and we can only get better.”

"Your ability to be challenged to be the best you can be, your agility, and your commitment to outstanding care makes the difference we hear about every day. When we talk about values, it’s about care and compassion – we treat every patient the way we would want to be treated. Respect and trust – collaboration happens within teams when they respect and trust one another. In particular, it’s about being better together. The RUH is all about being better together and we are better together, working in partnership and as a team."

"Continue to do what you do well. You make a real difference to the quality of our patients' lives when they leave this hospital."

Sulis is a world-class private hospital providing a strong presence for private healthcare in Bath and the surrounding area – maintaining healthy competition. What makes Sulis Hospital unique is that the hospital is a wholly owned subsidiary of an NHS Trust and not just any trust but the local NHS Trust. Sulis not only supports the NHS by ensuring capacity for NHS patients, but additional revenue generated from Sulis Hospital goes back into the local NHS Trust for the benefit of all. This brings real value to our community.

The new vision resonates with how Sulis Hospital is better together as part of the Royal United NHS Foundation Trust in terms of integration of best practices, governance, and shared values.

So how do Sulis achieve this?

As the team faces the challenges ahead in healthcare, their aim is to listen to suggestions and put in place actions so that they can continue to deliver exceptional care putting patients and their safety above all else.

They believe in nurturing their teams to be the best they can be and to bring real value to the community as a sustainable entity. As a leading private hospital 100% owned by an NHS Trust, they’re proud to be putting something back into the NHS.

What are the Sulis values?

Care and compassion

We treat every patient how we would wish to be treated, and we work with people who believe in this too. Rapid access to diagnostics and specialist appointments are just some of the ways we’re reassuring patients that they’re in safe hands.

Respect and trust

We are an inclusive organisation that values the expertise of diverse teams. We understand that bringing the right people together can improve patient care, and that successful collaboration happens within teams that respect and trust one another.

Clinical excellence

We value clinical excellence and safe working practices. We are committed to providing outstanding care.

Better together

By creating an environment in which people can take ownership and instigate change, we’re ensuring our service can continue to evolve and adapt to patient needs.

Sulis Hospital has a vision for the future and will continue to strive to lead the way in a new, more innovative way of thinking.

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