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Sulis Hospital holds educational event shedding light on bowel cancer screening, investigations and prevention

The event, led by renowned experts aimed to provide crucial information on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preventing bowel cancer, the second most common cause of cancer in the UK.

Key insights

Understanding the Complexities of Bowel Cancer: Experts delved into the complexities of bowel cancer, highlighting the various factors that play a role in its development. This included exploring genetic changes, disease processes, lifestyle choices, and environmental influences.

Reducing Risks Through Lifestyle Choices: Guests were guided through practical steps to reduce the risks associated with bowel cancer, with an emphasis on the impact of lifestyle choices and environmental considerations.

Significance of Early Detection and Prevention: Dr John Saunders, Consultant Gastroenterologist from Sulis Hospital, and a National Accredited Bowel Cancer Screening expert, highlighted the advancements in cancer screening techniques. The message was clear - early detection is key to successful prevention.

Nutrition's Crucial Role: Registered Dietitian, Dr Rebecca Hiscutt PhD from Combe Grove, delved into the vital role of nutrition in maintaining good metabolic health. Guests gained valuable insights into how dietary choices can impact overall well-being.

Expert Opinions:

Dr John Saunders expressed, "The event was an opportunity to demystify bowel cancer, providing the community with actionable insights. The focus on early detection and prevention is crucial for combating this prevalent cancer."

Rebecca Hiscutt shared, "Nutrition plays a pivotal role in our overall health. It was heartening to see the community actively engaging in discussions about the impact of diet and lifestyle choices on preventing bowel cancer."

Community Engagement: Guests actively participated in the event, using the chance to interact directly with experts. Questions were asked, and conversations sparked, fostering a cooperative environment centred around making informed decisions for better health.

Guest commented, “Highly informative and engaging evening with in-depth medical information. Very useful and actionable. And thank you for the nutritious nibbles and Pukka teas.”

What's Next

This was the third in a series of educational events to raise awareness and promote proactive health measures within the community. Both Sulis Hospital and Combe Grove remain committed to being a hub for health education.

Following this informative event, the community has improved awareness and resources to manage their health effectively, contributing to the collective effort to combat bowel cancer. The positive impact will undoubtedly resonate, fostering a culture of awareness and preventive healthcare.

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