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Sulis Hospital transformed as part of £4.4m upgrade in advanced imaging technology. New “state-of-the-art CT scanner” is unveiled today.

The award-winning SOMATOM® X.cite CT system from Siemens Healthineers1 improves ease of use, facilitating optimised patient positioning and access for simplified workflows.

The new award-winning CT scanner provides fast, high-resolution imaging making the Advanced Imaging Unit at Sulis Hospital one of the most technically advanced radiology centres in the South West.

As well as being an advanced and complex CT scanner the new Siemens Healthineers SOMATOM X.cite CT scanner provides high-quality imaging, maintaining reassuring low doses.

Its multiple functionalities, such as visual patient instructions and an 82cm wide bore gantry, allow examinations and interventional procedures to be conducted effortlessly.

Our experienced staff are here to create a calming environment, allowing you to complete your examination with comfort and ease. The Advanced Imaging Unit was remodeled around the new technology.

“I am excited that Sulis Hospital is able to offer an outstanding patient experience, complete with the best image quality available,” commented Carl Roberts, Radiology Lead, “The SOMATOM X.cite CT scanner from Siemens Healthineers is the market leader for CT and we’re thrilled to secure it as part of a multi-million-pound investment this year.”

Following referral to the hospital, Sulis Hospital is proud to offer a scan appointment within 48 hours and full results and diagnosis within a week.

“Our imaging facilities will be some of the most advanced in the South West, offering a preventative and proactive approach to the community and our personal, high-quality care provides our patients with a safe hospital environment for recuperation. Not only available for private patients offering rapid access at a competitive price, a proportion of the CT’s capacity is also ring-fenced for NHS patients as part of the country’s Community Diagnostic Centre service, bringing imaging closer to the patient”, commented Simon Milner, Hospital Director at Sulis Hospital.

“The new SOMATOM X.cite CT scanner from Siemens Healthineers is one of the best scanners on the market. It demonstrates the hospital’s commitment to advancing the image and diagnostic capabilities to meet the needs of the population in the South West,” added Dr Ynyr Roberts-Hughes, Consultant Radiologist at Sulis Hospital.

Providing the same high standards of care, Sulis Hospital, formerly known as Circle Bath Hospital, is one of the first leading private hospitals to come under 100% NHS ownership. The acquisition by The Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust has grown the hospital’s services, increasing capacity for surgery and diagnostic services at the facility for both NHS and private patients.

For more information please visit Advanced Imaging Unit.

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