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Mako® Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery

Sulis Hospital Bath is the only facility in Bath to provide the innovative MAKO robotic technology, which has transformed the way hip and knee replacement surgery is performed.

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The addition of the latest technology has been described as ‘the gold standard’ of hip and knee joint replacement and has secured the hospital’s position as a centre of excellence for joint replacement surgery.

With the use of Stryker Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery, Sulis Hospital Bath is adopting a new and innovative approach to joint replacements that offers a higher level of alignment and positioning during surgery, resulting in a faster recovery and reduced post-operative pain.

By using this latest advancement in surgical technology, patients can get back to their active lifestyle quicker, whether it be walking the dog or returning to the golf course.

Benefits of having your knee or hip replacement surgery using the Mako Robotic-assisted technology:

  • Greatly reduces a patient's pain after surgery1
  • Produces faster recovery in early knee movement2
  • Accuracy of joint replacements is improved by 2–3 times3

At Sulis Hospital we have performed over 200 robotic-arm assisted knee and hip joint replacements for patient within our region.


Robotic-arm assisted surgery enables surgeons to have a more predictable surgical experience and offers them a leadership advantage in our evolving healthcare environment. The fundamentals of joint replacement surgery remains the same.

CT scans prior to the operation are combined with the Mako SmartRobotics systems, which creates 3D modeling of the joint and bone anatomy. The surgeon uses this technology to create a personalised surgical plan and identify the desired implant size, orientation and alignment based on each patient’s unique anatomy.

Within the operating theatre the surgeon will use the the Mako robotic arm, which supports guiding the consultant within a pre-defined surgical area. The robotic arm uses real-time feedback, preventing the surgeon from moving outside the planned surgical areas. The guidance of the robotic-arm ensures a high degree of precision and accuracy in placing implants.

The surgeon is in control of equipment and surgery at all times and will be guiding the robotic-arm in order to position the implant into place. The robotic technology does not utilise artificial intelligence, and does not move independently without the surgeon's control. The method and technology is there to assist our highly qualified surgeons.

Our orthopaedic surgeons use robotic -assisted surgery to enable a more predictable surgical experience and offers them a leading advantage in today's healthcare environment.

Traditional surgery vs Mako Robotic-assisted surgery

Mako robotic surgery provides many benefits, including:

  • Greatly reduces a patient's pain after surgery1
  • Produces faster recovery in early knee movement2
  • Accuracy of joint replacements is improved by 2–3 times3

Mako SmartRobotics™ for Total Knee has been associated with less pain, less need for inpatient physical therapy, reduction in length of hospital stay, improved knee flexion and soft tissue protection in comparison to manual techniques.1,3

Traditional surgery involves the surgeon using burr saw to remove bone. The surgeon uses their years of experience to examine and judge the accuracy of surgery by eye. Mako systems enables the surgeon to look at the anatomy of the bone and tracks healthy and diseased bone. This assistance prevents the removal of healthy bone tissue and improves accuracy.

The robotic arm is equipped with a saw and the surgeon can remove bone within the planned surgical area, which is outlined within the pre-surgical planning stages. If the surgeon attempts to move outside of the predefined area, the saw will switch off.

Knee Surgery Icon

Knee Replacement Surgery (Robotic-assisted)

At Sulis Hospital our orthopaedic consultant knee specialists use the advance Mako robotic arm system to assist with both total knee replacement and partial knee replacement surgery.

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Hip Surgery Icon

Hip Replacement Surgery (Robotic-assisted)

Through CT-based 3D modeling of bone anatomy, surgeons can use the Mako System to create a personalised surgical plan for hip replacement surgery.

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Mako procedures have been carried out for over 10 years, with the first knee replacements being carried out in 2006, and the first hip replacement carried out in 2010. Both procedures were conducted in Florida USA. There are 300+ Mako systems assisting with surgery worldwide spanning 19 countries.

Over 70,000 robotic-arm assisted hip and knee procedures have been carried out so far and over 700 surgeons worldwide regularly perform Mako procedures.

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  2. Kayani, Konan, Tahmessabi, Pietrzak, Haddad. Bone Joint J 2018;100-B:930–7. Robotic-arm assisted total knee arthroplasty is associated with improved early functional recovery and reduced time to hospital discharge compared with conventional jig-based total knee arthroplasty
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Sulis Hospital Bath does not favour one medical product or device over another. We also advise that the robotic arm-assisted surgery may not be suitable for all patients. Please discuss with your consultant, which care pathway and surgical treatment is best for your condition.

How to find us
Just 10 minutes from Bath
The Sulis Hospital Bath,
Foxcote Avenue,
Peasedown St John,
Bath, BA2 8SQ
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By Car

Sulis Hospital is located 6 miles south of Bath city centre. Travelling from Bath, head south west on the A367. After you pass the Audi and Mercedes-Benz dealerships on your left take the first exit on the roundabout into Wellow Lane. Then take the first left into Foxcote Avenue and the Bath Business Park. Sulis Hospital is located immediately on your right hand side and the entrance is opposite the entrance to Mercedes-Benz.


A visitors' car park is located directly in front of the hospital. This is free of charge to patients and visitors.

By Public Transport

There are regular buses to Peasedown St John. Please note the nearest bus stop is a short walk.