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MRI scan

Your consultant or healthcare professional has recommended a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan because it is the most accurate method of diagnosing your condition.

While you may feel nervous about your MRI scan, we don't want you to worry. You can ask any questions regarding the scan to our friendly and experienced staff. Throughout the diagnostic process, we're here to help and guide you.

The results of an MRI scan can be used to help diagnose conditions, plan treatments and assess how effective previous treatment has been.

Health concerns in which MRI may be used include Joint injuries (e.g. knee, shoulder, back); brain and spinal cord conditions; tumours, cysts, and other anomalies; breast screening; certain heart conditions; liver disease and other organs in the abdomen (stomach, gallbladder, intestines) and investigating pelvic pain in women.

An MRI scan has no known side effects, and it is normally pain-free. There are some people who cannot undergo an MRI scan. Ensure you are safe for scanning by calling the number on your appointment letter if you:

Have any type of metal implant.

Have a heart pacemaker.

Have had an operation on your brain or heart.

Have had an injury to your eyes involving metal fragments.

Are or might be pregnant.

Have a kidney problem.

An MRI uses a large, powerful magnet, radio waves and an advanced computer to take detailed images of the relevant part of your body.

Accessing private healthcare is easy, whether you choose to use your private medical insurance or pay privately.

If paying privately, you may choose to consider spreading the cost of your surgery by opting for a monthly payment plan.

We aim to make our costs as transparent as possible, but it’s important to talk everything through in detail with your consultant at the time of your appointment. If you have insurance, we can arrange a direct settlement with your insurance provider but do encourage you to check in advance to see if your treatment is covered. To see the price guide click here.

During your scan, you will be asked to lie down on the MRI bed. Your radiographer will control the scanner using a computer in the control room. You will be able to speak to your radiographer through an intercom and they will be able to see you throughout the scan so you are not alone during the process.

The MRI scanner will make loud noises at certain times during the scan - this is normal.

At your appointment, you will meet your radiographer - an expert in MRI scanning. Your radiographer will be with you throughout the whole process, from explaining the scan to performing the scan. You can ask any questions beforehand.

You will be lying down on the scanning bed during your scan and we can play music while you are being scanned.

Before you arrive you can eat and drink as normal and take any prescribed medicines you'd normally take unless you have been advised otherwise. Please wear clothing that has no metallic or plastic parts such as buttons, zips and hooks. If you are wearing an underwired bra we may ask you to remove it.

Treatment Overview

Combining a calming hospital environment with outstanding patient care so you can recover as quickly as possible.

  • Average procedure duration Up to 30 minutes

  • Covered by health insurance? Yes

  • Can I pay privately? Yes

You’re in safe hands at Sulis Hospital.

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