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Anaesthetic Unit

Anaesthetics, also called anaesthesia, is an area of medicine dedicated to the removal of pain and sensation during surgical procedures.

Anaesthetics is a medical specialty where consultant anaesthetists help our consultant surgeons carry out procedures with minimum discomfort for patients.

Our consultant anaesthetists have a vast pool of experience with a wide variety of specialist interests and skills.

Sulis Theatre

Depending on your procedure, the type of anaesthetic you have will be chosen by you, in consultation with your anaesthetist and surgeon. This area of medicine is considered to be one of the safest in healthcare, but it's vital to have a thorough assessment beforehand.

The treatment induces controlled unconsciousness (like sleep), so you shouldn't feel any pain. Local or regional anaesthetics are usually given for more minor procedures. They involve injecting anaesthetic to numb the area of the body being operated on.

You shouldn't feel pain, but you may feel pressure and movement. Full sensation should return when the medicine has worn off a few hours later.

Most of our consultant anaesthetists are established consultants at the Royal United Hospital, Bath and others work as consultants in other NHS Trusts within the region.

Each consultant is highly experienced with specific areas of anaesthetic expertise from orthopaedic to gynaecology and urology to general surgery.

Meet the experts

Your anaesthetic care is provided by a Consultant Anaesthetist who you will meet before your surgery. This is the best opportunity to ask any questions.

  • Dr Robert Axe

    Dr Robert Axe

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Tim Cominos

    Dr Tim Cominos

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Professor Timothy Cook

    Professor Timothy Cook

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Professor Timothy Craft

    Professor Timothy Craft

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Richard Edwards

    Dr Richard Edwards

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Andy Georgiou

    Dr Andy Georgiou

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Stuart Gold

    Dr Stuart Gold

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Kim Gupta

    Dr Kim Gupta

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Rowan Hardy

    Dr Rowan Hardy

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Marek Kaminski

    Dr Marek Kaminski

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Ian Kerslake

    Dr Ian Kerslake

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Lydia Knoell

    Dr Lydia Knoell

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Rebecca Leslie

    Dr Rebecca Leslie

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Chris Marsh

    Dr Chris Marsh

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Katherine Mitchell

    Dr Katherine Mitchell

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Professor Jerry Nolan

    Professor Jerry Nolan

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Charlie Pope

    Dr Charlie Pope

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Jonathan Price

    Dr Jonathan Price

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Dan Quemby

    Dr Dan Quemby

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Christopher Seller

    Dr Christopher Seller

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Mark Sheils

    Dr Mark Sheils

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Tom Simpson

    Dr Tom Simpson

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Peter Steed

    Dr Peter Steed

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Malcolm Thornton

    Dr Malcolm Thornton

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Paul Watson

    Dr Paul Watson

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Curtis Whittle

    Dr Curtis Whittle

    Consultant Anaesthetist

How to find us
Just 10 minutes from Bath
The Sulis Hospital Bath,
Foxcote Avenue,
Peasedown St John,
Bath, BA2 8SQ
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By Car

Sulis Hospital is located 6 miles south of Bath city centre. Travelling from Bath, head south west on the A367. After you pass the Audi and Mercedes-Benz dealerships, on your left, take the first exit at the roundabout then turn left into Foxcote Avenue. Sulis Hospital is immediately on your right.


A visitors' car park is located directly in front of the hospital. This is free of charge to patients and visitors.

By Public Transport

There are regular buses from Bath to Peasedown St John.