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"Mako™ Robotic-Assisted Technology sets the Gold Standard for hip and knee replacement surgery."

Pioneering technology transforms joint replacement surgery in the UK.

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon James Berstock at Sulis Hospital Bath is celebrating a significant achievement this month as he marks his 100th Mako robot-assisted joint replacement operation. Notably, he is only the second surgeon at Sulis Hospital to achieve this milestone.

The technology, while well-established in the United States, is a relatively recent addition to the United Kingdom, and Sulis Hospital became one of the first hospitals between London and Bristol to invest in this cutting-edge equipment in 2019. Nearly five years on, Sulis Hospital now offers patients the option of Mako robot-assisted joint replacement surgery as a standard procedure.

Mako robotic-assisted surgery represents a state-of-the-art advancement in the field of joint replacement, allowing for quicker recovery and reduced post-operative pain.

The Mako™ robotic arm system assists the surgeon throughout the surgical process, from the pre-surgery planning phase to actively participating in the surgery, thereby enhancing accuracy and precision.

Before the surgery, a personalised 3D model is meticulously created based on the patient's own CT scan, facilitating the precise sizing and positioning of hip or knee implants. During the surgery, the robotic arm provides guidance to the surgeon, adhering to the customised pre-surgery plan and minimising the risk of inaccuracies in bone preparation and implant placement.

Faster recovery for patients

Patients choose robot-assisted surgery over traditional procedures due to its reputation for greater surgical accuracy, smaller incisions, and faster recovery times. Among those who benefit from this approach are self-employed individuals, senior managers, and those for whom physical fitness plays a crucial role in their careers or lifestyles, all seeking faster recovery and prolonged joint functionality.

The 100th robot-assisted joint replacement surgery was skilfully performed by Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr James Berstock. In Mr Berstock's words, "It's heartening to see patients returning to normal life so soon after surgery. This special occasion is also an opportunity to express my gratitude to the dedicated staff who have developed their specialist expertise and shown enthusiasm, and commitment to the robotic technology.

To celebrate this milestone, the consultant and theatre team, along with colleagues from various hospital departments, all contributing to the patient's journey, gathered to mark this achievement with a commemorative cake.

Simon Milner, Hospital Director, commented, "Reaching 100 Mako operations is a significant milestone for an individual surgeon, and the team here has become well-versed in delivering this procedure. It's a privilege to collaborate with James Berstock, who brings a wealth of expertise to Sulis Hospital. However, this milestone also testifies to the incredible teamwork and the exceptional skills of our team, who have embraced the technological advancements in this field."

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