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Mako Robotic technology enables better outcomes for patients

Orthopaedic consultants Matthew Burwell and Neil Bradbury discuss the technology at the forefront of hip and knee replacements.

Pioneering hip and knee surgery leads to improved recovery times for patients

Described as the 'gold standard' of joint replacement surgery, Mako Robotic technology assists surgeons in ensuring greater precision when performing hip and knee joint replacements.

Orthopaedic consultant and hip specialist, Matthew Burwell, explains "Over the past two decades, patient expectations have changed dramatically, with patients wanting more than just pain relief from a joint replacement. Quite rightly, patients want to be able to enjoy life as they did when they were younger with no restrictions. It places the responsibility on us as experienced surgeons to replicate the natural joint using robotic-assisted surgery."

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Orthopaedic consultant and knee specialist, Neil Bradbury, goes on to explain "It seems straightforward but it's actually quite challenging. Our goal is to recreate the patient's natural anatomy which means personalising the alignment. This is where robotic technology comes into its own, assisting us in providing personalised joint replacements with greater function and ultimately better outcomes. "

The Centre of Execllence for Joint Replacement Surgery at Sulis Hospital is recognsied for its world-class expertise and high standards of care. These advances in technology enable better outcomes for patients.

Robotic surgery isn't an option for everyone. Talk to your consultant about the benefits and risks of robotic surgery and how it compares with other types of minimally invasive surgery.

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