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Sulis Hospital holds Orthopaedic Assessment & Diagnosis Event

Sulis Hospital Bath hosts an educational event for General Practitioners (GPs) providing an update on orthopaedic assessment skills and the latest treatment techniques.

This educational event, held on Tuesday, 5th March attracted GPs from the surrounding area, creating a platform for professional growth. GPs worked in small groups, giving them focused time with each consultant orthopaedic surgeon.

The event was organised in conjunction with BGPert with consultant orthopaedic surgeons:

Mr. Gavin Jennings

Mr. Andrew Chambler

Mr. Sam Heaton

Mr. Otto Von Arx

These experts provided educational training and updates on:

Shoulders: Mr Jennings provided an overview of the various conditions affecting the shoulder and the types of patients you can expect to see in clinic. He explained how to perform clinical examination tests to differentiate between these conditions and offered advice on managing them.

Spinal: Mr Von Arx demonstrated his approach to the clinical examination of the patient with back pain, along with advice regarding the national cauda equina syndrome pathway.

Hip and Knee: Mr Heaton discussed conditions affecting the hip and knee with the associated clinical findings and provided advice on when surgery is appropriate for patients.

Elbow: Mr Chambler reviewed the different diagnoses affecting the elbow including lateral and medial epicondylitis and ulnar nerve entrapment. He demonstrated how these are diagnosed and explained the management options for patients.

This collaborative atmosphere allowed GPs to ask questions, learn best practices, exchange ideas, and enrich their knowledge.

Advancing Patient Care

The primary learning objectives were to enhance knowledge in assessing orthopaedic conditions and determining when to refer patients for specialist care. The event also covered the latest treatment techniques and provided tips, ensuring that attendees gained up-to-date knowledge to offer the best care for their patients.

Sulis Hospital:

Sulis Hospital Bath's commitment to advancing orthopaedic healthcare and sharing our knowledge with other professionals ensures that patients have the best possible care.

For more information about upcoming educational events for healthcare professionals please email