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Sulis Hospital first in UK and Nordics to achieve 50 REGENETEN Biological Tendon repair surgeries

Pioneering Hospital shines as a Centre for Excellence.

Sulis Hospital has become the first hospital in the UK to treat 50 patients with the cutting-edge REGENETEN Bio Inductive implant.

Redefining biological healing and limiting the impact of re-tears, Smith & Nephew’s REGENETEN technique was first used at Sulis Hospital in December 2020. The implant has been used to treat both full-thickness and partial-thickness rotator-cuff repairs in the shoulder. The surgery involves a biological procedure to support the body’s natural healing response to facilitate new tendon-like tissue growth and disrupt disease progression.

Alongside its launch of Sulis Elective Orthopaedic Centre (SEOC), same-day joint replacements, and use of robotics, the REGENETEN surgeries are a key contributor to Sulis’ position as a centre for excellence in orthopaedic care. This accreditation has further been enhanced by the developing success of the REGENETEN implant, and the exceptional care Sulis and its team have given patients.

As one of the UK’s first independent hospitals where 100% of its shares are owned by an NHS Trust, Sulis is proud to pioneer a new way of thinking in healthcare that can benefit all. With the REGENTEN milestone, it continues to showcase its dedication to innovative thinking. The future of REGENETEN is equally promising, as it continues to overcome the lifestyle interruptions often seen with traditional tendon repair surgeries.

Sulis is one of 18 global hospitals involved in the IMPACT Randomised Controlled Trial researching the effectiveness of REGENETEN in partial thickness tears. Mr Andrew Chambler, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Shoulder Specialist, also achieved a significant personal milestone by receiving accreditation from Smith & Nephew for participating in their visiting surgeon programme for Advanced Shoulder Surgery.

Mr Chambler comments: “We’ve come a long way since our first use of the REGENETEN in 2020. The results are very promising and we are pleased with the satisfaction we are seeing from our patients who have had REGENETEN Implant. This achievement is a testament to our dedication to providing the best possible care to our patients. Smith & Nephew’s innovation allows our patients to return to work earlier, re-discover their recreational pursuits, and maintain their quality of life.’”

Simon Milner, Hospital Director at Sulis Hospital, adds: “Our reputation for excellence comes as no surprise. I am tremendously proud of the team at Sulis and the hard work that has built this reputation. We are very proud of the results Mr Chambler and his team have achieved using REGENETEN, and we are excited to be contributing to a worldwide effort to improve shoulder surgery outcomes.”