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Sulis Hospital joins Smith & Nephew's visiting surgeon programme for advanced shoulder surgery.

Dedicated to providing the best possible care to patients while contributing to a worldwide effort to enhance outcomes in shoulder surgery.

Sulis Hospital and Orthopaedic Consultant Andrew Chambler have achieved a significant milestone by receiving accreditation from Smith & Nephew for participation in their visiting surgeon programme for Advanced Shoulder Surgery. This recognition highlights their commitment to providing pioneering orthopaedic procedures and patient care.

The Visiting Surgeon Programme is a prestigious initiative by Smith & Nephew, a recognised leader in advanced medical technology. It brings together experienced orthopaedic surgeons and leading healthcare institutions to advance the field of shoulder surgery. Sulis Hospital's inclusion in this program is a testament to its expertise and commitment to providing world-class care.

One of the pioneering techniques that Mr Chambler and Sulis Hospital are introducing as part of this program is the use of the Regeneten Biological Implant for tendon repair in shoulder surgery. This innovative approach holds the potential to revolutionise the treatment of various shoulder conditions, particularly for patients with partial thickness rotator cuff tears.

Earlier this week, Mr Ajay Shama, an Orthopaedic Consultant in Wales, worked closely with Mr Chambler to gain valuable insights into the Regeneten Biological Implant procedure, collaborating during surgery.

This technique offers several advantages, including enhanced recovery for patients with partial thickness rotator cuff tears. It also demonstrates promising results in reducing re-tear rates of full-thickness tendon tears, providing hope for patients who previously faced limited treatment options.

Sulis Hospital's involvement in the Worldwide IMPACT RCT study is yet another significant step in advancing the field of shoulder surgery. This study focuses on the use of the Regeneten implant and is actively recruiting NHS patients from the local area. By participating in this global research effort, Sulis Hospital is contributing to a broader understanding of the implant's efficacy and helping shape the future of orthopaedic treatment.  

Early analysis shows a significant reduction in the re-tear rate of rotator cuff repairs when using the Regeneten Bioinductive implant as part of the worldwide clinical study, sponsored by Smith & Nephew [].

Andrew Chambler commented, "We are thrilled to be a part of Smith & Nephew's Visiting Surgeon Programme. It is an acknowledgement of our dedication to providing the best possible care to our patients. We are also very proud of the results we have achieved using the Regeneten Biological Implant, and we are excited to be a part of the IMPACT RCT study, contributing to a worldwide effort to improve shoulder surgery outcomes."

Sulis Hospital's partnership with Smith & Nephew and its involvement in groundbreaking research endeavours are expected to enhance the quality of care available to patients in Bath and beyond.

This accreditation reaffirms the hospital's commitment to excellence in orthopaedic surgery and its ongoing efforts to advance the field.

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