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Hip impingement

Hip impingement is also known as femoroaceatbular impingement or FAI. It occurs when the ball and socket joint of the hip don’t fit together perfectly. This abnormal shape can cause cartilage damage, pain and arthritis. It is usually seen in active sports people and more often in elite athletes.

Sometimes the ball is misshapen, sometimes the edge of the socket is to blame. It is often a combination of these two factors. People will present with groin pain when they flex their hip or even sometime after. Particular things include running, jumping, kicking a ball or sitting for a long time (often in a car).

To be diagnosed with hip impingement syndrome you must have all three positive examination findings from the consultant. These include:

  • positive scans/x-rays,
  • positional-related pain,
  • positive examination findings.

A large number of people have misshapen hips but very few need surgical intervention.

This syndrome can lead to arthritis meaning smaller keyhole operations will no longer work.

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