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Informative educational event shines a light on Allergies and Dermatological Manifestations

In the third of a series of educational events for primary care held this year at Sulis Hospital, Consultant Dermatologist Dr Deirdre Buckley shared her expertise in Patch testing and Cutaneous allergies.

Dr Deirdre Buckley provided educational training and shared case studies relating to:

● Urticaria

● Contact Urticaria

● Allergic contact dermatitis/patch testing

● Topical drug reaction

● Oral drug reaction

● Prick testing and patch testing

Dr Buckley talked through a fascinating case study about allergic contact dermatitis and the link to gel manicures (Methacrylate ACD) with patients having a strong reaction to the builder gel in the kit which causes the allergy flare-up.

GPs who attended the event said: "Very informative and enlightening advice for allergies and testing protocol." Another GP commented, "Very relevant, practical, case-based not just theory."

This collaborative atmosphere allowed GPs to ask questions, learn best practices, exchange ideas, and enrich their knowledge.

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