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Mr Arthur Henderson

Consultant ENT Surgeon

Arthur Henderson is a Consultant ENT Surgeon at Sulis Hospital Bath, as well as a consultant ENT surgeon at the Royal United Hospitals (RUH), Bath.

He has a specialist interest in otology and neurotology, encompassing all problems affecting the ear, including ear infections, hearing loss and balance. He also has a specialist interest in diving, underwater medicine, and aviation being the lead surgeon for ENT in the Royal Navy and an internationally recognised expert in the field. He is the national advisor to Defence on Diving and Aviation-related ENT conditions, as well as advisor to the HSE on occupational diving and ENT. Mr Henderson regularly lectures nationally and internationally on these topics and has written military and civilian guidelines on fitness for diving and flying.

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Additional information about Mr Arthur Henderson

He qualified with distinction from Guy’s King’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals in London, with further training in Bristol, Southampton, and the South-West, before undertaking a fellowship in lateral skull base surgery, otology and neurotology at the internationally renowned Rotary Hearing Centre in St Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver.

During training he completed a Master’s degree with distinction in leadership, a diploma in occupational medicine, received the Royal Society of Medicine Otology gold medal, and the Alan Gibb Prize for temporal bone surgery.

Mr Henderson is married with two children. In his spare time, he is a keen gardener and amateur cider maker. As a Royal Navy Medical Officer, he deployed with HMS Ark Royal and HMS Ocean along with Harrier 1(F) squadron and 814 NAS Merlin helicopters. He also spent time with the Fleet diving group as a diving medical officer, working as an instructor at the submarine escape training tank and as a member of the Submarine Parachute Assistance Group.

ENT Consultant Royal United Hospitals Bath

ENT Consultant Royal Navy

ENT Clinical Governance Lead, RUH

Clinical Specialist Advisor for ENT to the Royal Navy

Specialist Advisor on Diving & ENT to the HSE


General Adult & Paediatric ENT

Ear disease

Minimally invasive Endoscopic Ear surgery

Diving & underwater medicine

Aviation, flying, aerospace medicine, parachuting

Occupational ENT conditions

ENT & occupational disease

Diving & underwater medicine and the ear

Aviation and the ear

Full GMC registration

Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons

Member of ENT UK

Member of British Society of Otology

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