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Nasal surgery (septoplasty)

A septoplasty is a type of nose surgery that aims to straighten the wall of bone and cartilage dividing the space between the two nostrils. This procedure is performed to correct a deviated nasal septum. The septum, which usually separates the nostrils, can become deviated or bent, leading to symptoms like breathing difficulties, nosebleeds, and pain.

Here are some key points about septoplasty:

Purpose: Septoplasty is carried out to address issues related to the nasal septum.

Deviated Septum: When the septum is out of position, it can cause a blocked nose. This deviation may be present since childhood or result from an injury affecting the cartilage, bone, or both.

What does surgery involve?

The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and typically takes about 60 minutes. The septoplasty is performed through your nostrils and does not result in any facial scars or black eyes. The surgeon will make a cut in the lining of your nose over your septum. The surgeon will lift the mucosa (lining tissue) away from the cartilage and bone and remove the parts of the cartilage and bone that are not aligned. The cut will be closed with absorbable stitches which will fall out in a few weeks.

Recovery: Patients usually return home on the same day of the operation, but full recovery may take several days.

Preparation: To enhance the success of the procedure and minimise complications, stop smoking (if applicable) at least 4 weeks before the surgery and maintain a healthy weight through regular exercise.

After your surgery

For the first 24 hours after a general anaesthetic you should follow some simple steps. You should not drive, sign any legal documents, operate machinery or do any potentially dangerous activities (including cooking). Alcohol should also be avoided for 24 hours. After the procedure you can expect to be in some pain. The nursing team will give you pain medication to help control this. You may suffer bleeding for a week to 10 days after the operation. Your nose may feel blocked for up to 6 weeks. You must not blow your nose vigorously for the first few days. Do not exercise, have a hot bath or bend down for 1-2 weeks as this may provoke a nosebleed. Stay off work/school and away from groups of people for two weeks to prevent catching a cold. This could result in an infection.

Is a follow up appointment required?

A follow up appointment is usually required within a few weeks of the operation.

Treatment Overview

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  • Type of anaesthetic General

  • Average procedure duration 60 minutes

  • Covered by health insurance? Yes

  • Can I pay privately? Yes

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