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Diving, Aviation & Occupational ENT

The ear, nose and throat system is subjected to significant pressure changes during flying and diving. As such, ear problems are the most common medical issue faced by divers worldwide.

Many conditions affecting the ear, nose or throat, can affect your ability to fly or dive safely both as an occupational diver, pilot or air passenger or simply when diving, flying or parachuting for fun.

Conditions such as barotrauma, decompression sickness, vertigo, Eustachian tube dysfunction, rhinosinusitis, ear infections (swimmers ear), and many others, can be caused by or exacerbated by diving or flying. Not only can treatment for these help you return to your work or hobby, but careful assessment and diagnosis can make the difference between safely returning to these activities, and being made medically unfit to do so again.

Not only is treatment by a specialist who understands the unique nature of these activities important to getting a good outcome, but in many cases, it is important that you see an approved and appropriately trained ENT surgeon in order to pass your diving or flying medical assessment.

Many employers, whether the military, police and fire services, transport, aviation, or industry, have certain ENT and hearing fitness standards for both entry and ongoing employment.

Careful assessment by an approved and appropriately trained ENT surgeon may be a key component of being able to take up or continue a career in your chosen area.

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