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Informative educational event shines a light on skin cancer

Early detection is an important factor in the successful treatment of skin cancer. In the third of a series of educational events held this year at Sulis Hospital, Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Dominic Ayers shares his expertise.

Staying safe in the sun is the most effective way to protect against skin cancer. Leading expert Dominic Ayers explained how to stay safe whilst enjoying the sunshine. A detailed description of the three types of skin cancer was provided, along with tips for detecting suspicious changes in the early stages followed by a Q&A.

From sunscreen to survivorship it's important to stay informed and take action.

One of the key takeaways was to look for changes in your skin and tackle skin cancer head-on. If you've noticed something has changed or you're concerned make an appointment straight away.

Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Dominic Ayers is a skin cancer specialist at Sulis Hospital. He specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer and provides comprehensive screening and treatment.

Carol who attended the event said: "It was such an informative evening. People take the sunshine for granted without protecting themselves and this event helped me really understand the dangers of UV light and the implications for the future. Having access to this level of expertise is incredible - so worth attending. It was a really welcoming and friendly evening. Now I feel more informed about what to look out for and when to seek medical advice."

Discover more about skin cancer from the specialists at Sulis Hospital Bath. The specialist Dermatology Unit provides expert advice and treatment which is personal to you.

You can self-refer for a private consultation at Sulis Hospital with an expert.

The Mole Mapping service is intended to detect malignant melanoma at the earliest possible stage when it is curable with relatively minor surgery.

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